Saturday, November 3, 2007

Our Work Groups

Class Apl2
Mateo Dima, Stathis-Panayotis Bouras, Thanassis Theodoropoulos, Spyros Konomis, Cleanthis Lena, Vamvakidis Giorgos, Marina Katsiki, Kostas Papadopoulos, Thanos Papakonstantinou.

Our Personality Tests

Make your personality test

Could you fill in the cells of the table below?
Do it and please sent it!
We 'll analyse your character!

Personality test! What is it?

A personality test aims to describe aspects of a person's character that remain stable throughout a person's lifetime, the individual's character pattern of behavior, thoughts, and feelings. An early model of personality was posited by Greek philosopher/physician Hippocrates.

(For details look at this!)

Stamatis Theo....

I am Stamatis. This is my personality test!
Who am I in deed???

Penny Pan.....

My name is Penny Pan..... and I go to the 1st Grade of the 3rd senior High School in Athens.

My favorite school subjects are Maths and Chemistry and I spend my time playing basketball in the team of my town, N. Philadelphia.

As regards foreign languages, I’ have been learning English for about six years and French for about four years.

My aspirations are high, I want to go up. I would like to have fun in class forever in my life. I also believe that school isn’t only a place to connect with others but also to develop yourself.

I spend time listening to music or reading books. I’m a little noisy and curious. I love traveling abroad and meet other people.

Mary I.


My name is Sissy.

I go to the 10th Grade of "Miltos Kountouras" Lyceum in Nea Philadelphia, a suburb of Athens / Greece.

My favourite school subjects are Literature and Drawing.

My opinion is that school is not a place to waste your time but to widen your horizons.

My dream is a school where teachers are very good and helpful and students understand their lessons.


My name is Nicky. I attend the 10th Grade in the "Miltos Kountouras" Lyceum at Nea Philadelphia.

My favourite school subjects are History and Computers.

My opinion about school is that students should study more and that teachers should be more helpful.

My dream is to be a member of Greenpeace and to help children of Africa.