Saturday, December 22, 2007

Congratulations !

We congratulate the students of Lycée Professionnel JEAN PERRIN of Longjumeau / France because they were awarded on 21st of December 2007 with the eTwinning Quality Label for their participation in the project "Recyclage des déchets, développement durable et environnement".

Also we congratulate the Greek students of the Upper Secondary School "Miltos Kountouras" of Nea Philadelpheia because they had been awarded with the corresponding eTwinning Quality Label for the same project since November 2007.

Bravo to French and Greek students and teachers for their successful collaboration!

This school year, the above schools are continuing their partnership on the project "Let's get to know ourselves and our cities" with the existing as well as new students, more active colleagues and new splendid partners. We are very glad for this...

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Partnership's Co-ordinator said...

On 5/1/2008 Mariana Radulescu has written about the QUALITY LABEL of Greek and French School:
Good morning,

I'm very glad for your PRIZE!
I wish you more and more satisfaction in this year!