Sunday, January 27, 2008

Discovering our cities

  • Central Athens:
    Ionian Bank, Art nouveau styleHistorical Timeline (Athenian Architecture during the1880's and 1890's, from the Belle Epoque to the Asia Minor Catastrophe 1900-1922, Duringthe Inter-War Period 1922 - 1940, Second Half Of the 20th Century 1950 - 2000, at the Dawn of the 21st century)

  • Type (Urban Design, Public Buildings, Cultural Centers, Office Buildings, Commercial- Industrial- Transportation, Sport Buildings)

  • KARENTA, Cosmocar, Metamodernisme style Style (Art nouveau, Postmodernism, Eclecticism, Neo-historicism, Modern Movement, Historicism, Neo-modernism, Historicism, Brutalism, Neo-romanticism, Neoclassicism, Modernism, Art D├ęco, Regionalism, Bioclimatic Architecture.

  • Architects (Men, Women).

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