Wednesday, April 23, 2008

St. Jordi's day in Barcelona

The 23rd of April is here. Today we are in Athens, but if we would be in Barcelona we should participate in the St. Jordi's day (it is a bit like Valentine's Day with a twist). This day the boys offer their girls red roses and the girls their boys a book.

The part of offering roses can be traced back to the middle age where Saint George saved his beloved princess by killing a dragon. He took his sword and stabbed it into the dragon's heart. Instead of blood, a red rose came out of the dragon's heart.

The tradition of giving books to the boys was introduced by a bookseller in 1923, who promoted the day to honor the deaths of Miguel Cervantes and William Shakespeare, both also on the April 23.

(all the above had been said by our beloved Angueliki, the teacher of Greek and Latin language of Joan Maragall)

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