Monday, March 10, 2008

Clean Monday's customs

The last Sunday of the Carnival season the central square of the town is filled with many happy faces, dressed as clowns, soldiers, and butterfly costumes, and this is the main attraction at this year’s Festival.

Everyone is entering into the Spirit of Carnival, and confetti is covering as carpet the streets. Everyone is joining the Parade.

On Clean Monday the people organize outdoor excursions, consume shellfish and other lenten foods as lagana (lagana is an azymous bread), beans without oil, taramasalata (hard roe with oil and vinegar) and a sweet pie named halvas.

The wather is usually good and all around remind the beginning of the Spring season. When the wind is blowing slightly the kites' flying is enjoyable on Filopappou's hill, near Acropolis of Athens.

In Methoni of Peloponnese, instead of kites some aerostats made of paper are raised on the sky.

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The smarts from Mioveni said...

Very interesting your customs!