Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Alexandros Ant...dis

Alexander Μy name is Alexandros. I was born in 1989 in Maroussi, Athens, thus I bear 18 years on my back. I live in New Philadelphia, a northern suburb of Athens and I 'll study Communication and Mass Media (journalism) at the National University of Athens.

My family consists of four people: my father, my mother, my older brother and… myself! My father has retired, while my mother has a successful career as a nurse at the local hospital. My 23-year old brother, works as an employee in the public domain and as a basketball coach as well.

As concerns myself, I’m a member of a basketball team and I dedicate a lot of my leisure time in this activity of mine.

Furthermore, I study English in a private school, aiming to sit for the CPE exams. As I mentioned above, every day (except for weekend) I have to go the center to attend my journalism lessons. Last but not least, when I have spare time, I prefer watching movies, going out with friends or listening to music and… accompanying the singer by singing!

If I was told to characterize myself, I would say that I am very ambitious and optimistic about the future. I believe in my abilities and I think that my relatives do as well. To be honest, I am very selfish and sometimes stubborn. I tell the truth, even if it may hurt the others. I love my family, my real friends and like every man around the globe… sports and women!!

Look forward to meeting and having time together! Adios amigos!

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