Thursday, October 18, 2007

Konstantina P.

I’m Konstantina Pap..... and I’m sixteen years old. I live in Nea Filadelfia, Athens with my parents and my older brother. I go to the second grade of the third senior high school "Miltos Kountouras".

My favourite subjects are History and Physics.
What about school I think is the place where the students should know each other and learn things about the world that they are interested in and a place to be punished at.

I’m a rather quiet person although sometimes I feel like a bomb ready to expose. Moreover I like spend my time with my friends and I love nature where I feel well-balanced.

I like homely, pleasant and communicative people, however sometimes people’s thoughts and feelings are a big question to me.

Last but not least; my dream is to travel a lot as my spirit is adventuring but in the end I want to find a place to stay and relax!

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