Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Presenting myself (Sofia Cha...)

I’m Sofia Chatzith.......... and I’m sixteen years old. I live in Nea Filadelfeia, in nothern Athens with my parents and my younger sister. I go to the second grade of the upper secondary school “Miltos Kountouras”.

My favourite subjects are maths and physics. As far as it concerns school I trully believe that it should be a place that motivates young people to discover themselves and their personal talents and finally make them love learning.

In addition, I’m a rather self-confident and joyful person. Also I love spending time with my friends because they amuse me and make me feel relaxed.

Although being communicative and loving doing funny stuff, I consider that maintaining balance is everything. To sum up, I dream to explore as many places and cultures I can and make all my dreams come true!

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Partnership's Co-ordinator said...

Good start Sofia!
You are the FIRST!