Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Georgia - Thekla B.


I am Georgia-Thekla B.....i.
I am a girl 17 years old.
Me and myself have a very good relationship and I feel very good about my self. I also have very good relationship with others because I am a social person.

I do not really believe in God.
I really think that everything is related to time and death is the proof to it. What I really do miss is an important person in my life. I feel a whole person as regards love.

I feel more security in my house than outside.
I think that I am important to others. For me my family is my surroundings.

I have a sweet relationship with my family (with my parents and my two brothers).

My ambition is to succeed in the university. I am a very balanced person. I like music and dance .

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