Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I am Sophia. I go to the 1th Grade of the 3rd SHS at New Filadelphia.

My favorite school subject are English, Latin and literature.
Secondly, I believe that school is the place to learn and become a better person.

I also think that school is not a place to fool around and to not listen. As regards foreign languages, I believe they are necessary to learn if you want to be part of a growing society.

I’ve been learning English at my home for about 16 years, because I come from a bilingual home.
I ‘d like to be able to speak fluently in English.

I think a good way to learn anything is to practise and study. After that I’d like my school teachers of English to teach me as much as they can.

And finally I dream of a school where kids are not judged by their looks or their beliefs and by their marks that they have in school.

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